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  • Type of strategy  :  Indicator
  • Platform               :  Metatrader 4
  • Currency pair      :  All
  • Trading time        :  Any Time
  • Timeframe           :  Any
  • Instant Download in Zip file



The FOREVER TRADER SYSTEM is a powerful tool that can be used successfully by novice, as well as, professional traders. Essential technical and visual aspects of the indicator can be modified to suit one’s trading style or personal trading preferences.

  • Detects BOTH continuation market moves in direction of the trend AND reversal market moves against the trend…
  • It helps you join the prevailing trend with near-perfect timing… and… it helps you determine when the current trend is exhausted, so you can prepare for an upcoming market reversal…
  • It identifies all the important price movements… so you’d never miss a big move again…
  • Our FOREVER TRADER SYSTEM absolutely does NOT repaint…
  • Works equally well in trend trading and countertrend trading mode…

FOREVER TRADER SYSTEM is, in our opinion, the best indicator for detecting high-probability CONTINUATION price swings in the direction of the trend which I think you could easily profit from.

  • NO-Repaint Signals
  • 80% Succes Rate
  • Visual Smart Display
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Free Upgrades and Support
  • Works on All Forex Pairs
  • Easy To Follow Premium Strategy

FOREVER TRADER SYSTEM can also identify where traders have placed there stop losses. If there is an extreme in one direction, a contrarian trader may look for a recent high or low as an area where there would be a build-up of stop losses. They would then look for the market to move rapidly against the extreme sentiment when these stop losses are triggered and other traders enter into the new market direction. Some brokers may be aware where there are a large amount of stop losses and can even move the market to trigger them.

You can also use the FOREVER TRADER SYSTEM to show you the average prices. If the average buy or sell entry price is far from the current price then contrarian traders may expect other traders to have their stop losses hit soon or to take their profits – both which can cause a market breakout or reversal. If there is an extreme amount of sellers and the average short price is a good distance above the current price then a contrarian trader may expect them to be taking profits soon which could lead to the market reversing. If there is an extreme amount of sellers and the average short price is a good distance below the current price then a contrarian trader may expect them to be hitting their stop losses soon which could lead to the market moving up rapidly. Again, this can be combined with additional technical, fundamental and price action analysis for further confirmation.

It can be very beneficial to know what the market sentiment is, a contrarian trader does not want to trade with a blind fold on and hands tied behind their back! The FOREVER TRADER SYSTEM can open a whole new sentiment perspective to the forex market and the traders who help move it in one direction or the other.



No repainting or lagging

Smart trading algorithm

Highly profitable signals

Built-in smart signal generator that performs hundreds of important calculations in the background

Profitable real-time buy & sell signals

Multiple trading styles

Reliable ENTRY signals, 100% no repaint

Gain confidence with every trade you make

Easy-to-use and customizable visual interface

You can use your own trading styles to suit your approach

Ideal for traders with any expertise level, new or experienced

100% plug and play, no learning, just hit the ground running

Identify trend reversals to limit losses and win more

Smart money management system protects your finances

Generates fast signals for maximum income

User-friendly visual interface

Supports any assets: currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals

Built-in alert feature, so you never miss an opportunity

You will receive The full system with all indicators, Templates & a clearly described instruction PDF.


  1. steve moore

    I’ve been using some of the free indicators and trial versions.then I came across this indicator in a forum and tried it. So far, So good. Can go for its simplicity and consistency.

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